Culloden to Brora

This is night No 65/2018 living in my caravan. Now at Brora C&MC Site in Dachalm near Brora. A very reasonable £26 for 2 night.

I was last here 6th May 2018. It is a good site right next to a cracker of a beach, pristine golden sands.

Got up around 0600. Did not sleep well at all. A couple of days ago I felt a pain in my knee which got worse and last night it was hard to sleep through the agony! As soon as we were up and about, I drove the short distance to Balloch where there's a Scotmid. Got Ibuprofen and Paracetamol and a pint of milk to wash it down with.

There's a good community woodland in Balloch which was ideal to give the dogs a blast. Fortunately, the painkillers also seemed to be working and the walk got easier as I struggled round. Today was going to be a bit of a rest day. I've probably been doing 5hrs a day walking the dogs recently and I think I must have strained my knee!

Left Culloden around 0930 and had a fine drive north to Brora. It's about a 2hr drive. We arrived early so parked up at the beach near the harbour for a walk. The old abandoned radio station near the beach has been 'converted' to a CS, a version of the CL (the Caravan and Camping Club version). Didn't look very inviting on a grey day in Brora!

Not a bad beach though, and gave the dogs a much needed run around.

On the way back to the car, had a quick walk round the caravan site. Looks very industrial but did have all the facilities. I think it's privately owned as opposed to a Community venture.

Arrived at the site around 1200. Brora is a hard site to judge. Sometimes empty, other times full. It's on the NC500 route so it's fairly common for it to fill up late. Fairly quiet when I arrived.

Took the dogs for a good run around the adjacent beach. Unfortunately, the local crofters are exercising their grazing rights and there is a large herd of cattle grazing on the Golf Course. I could see the green keepers getting fed up with them. They were trying to mow the fairways and it was a case of one on the machine, and one chasing cattle off. All the greens are surrounded by electric fencing, very strange arrangement.

Returned to the west beach in the afternoon after getting some supplies in Brora Co-op. Nice crab!

it's quite a nice beach, right below the radio station caravan park.

The weather has been dry all day. A bit grey and dull, and fairly cool with a stiff breeze. 

As the day goes on, my knee does feel better than last night. I think it may be 'Preachers Knee' according to Dr Google!


  1. Sorry to read about the Preachers' Knee issue. Typical isn't it that I do the long runs and you get the injuries? Seriously though, 5hrs a day is still a lot of pressure on 55year old knees. You maybe have to consider shorter but more intense exercises for the dogs for a week or so. Alternatively, if this is going to be an ongoing matter, you might consider a wee bike to occasionally take the strain off your legs. Other measures could be to start taking cod liver oil tablets again or, as I do, sit at night and massage the affected area with oil or cream of some description. Just "moving the muscle" can really make a difference. Maybe a last resort is to work the local tales and take a nude midnight walk up Ben Bhraggie to ask the "mannie" to bless your knees. No photos needed.


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