Davochfin Farm

This is night No.67/2018 living in my caravan. Now at Davochfin Farm CL, near Dornoch. A great CL, 2 nights with power for £20.

Woke this morning around 0600 to a fantastic sunrise and hardly a breath of wind. The previous evening had been blowing a full force gale and it was nice to be still for a change.

There was no-one around as we got ready to head to the beach for a morning walk. The only thing I could see were rabbits grazing around the site. It placed these two on red alert!

The walk along the beach was fine, but I was conscious that the herd of cattle on the golf course were fairly close to the path I take to cross the fairways, so had to keep my eyes open. Sheep too, very close nearer the beach. Uneventful though, and we soon headed back to the van for breakfast.

It was a fine morning and instead of risking a cattle encounter, we headed 5 mins along into the town down to the West Beach. Great warm walk with the dogs.

It is possible to walk all the way to Golspie from here (6 miles). We went around a mile, as there was a seal basking on a rock quite close to the shore, but a good bit from the sea!

We packed up and left Brora around 1115. I was glad I was leaving, the site is getting far too busy for my liking. Only a few years ago it was always a quiet site in a often overlooked coastline. It's obvious from the site facilities, that the site is really geared for around half of what is now the norm here. Another consequence of the NC500 scenic route which passes right past this site.

In a complete contrast, Davochin Farm is an excellent 5 van site on the outskirts of Dornoch. It was 'full' (i.e. 5 vans) at the farm, so the owner offered me a powered pitch down by his Trout Fishery. Absolutely idyllic. I pitched here a few years ago in my campervan and it was so good I extended my stay on that occasion twice!

There is a great wood next to the farm, Camore Wood, and a private track through his cattle free moorland onto the beach on the Dornoch Firth. This is a perfect site for a dog owner.

Took the dogs to Camore Wood for a good circuit, then headed about 6 miles or so into Tain to get some supplies at Asda and diesel. Spotted this rather nice Rover in the carpark.

I was hoping to buy an additional water tank in the caravan shop in Edderton, around 5 miles away. However, even though they are a big dealer with an excellent accessory shop, it is closed on The Sabbath. I may head back over tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon, we took a walk down to the beach. This is looking back at The Lochans and Davochfin Farm.

A beautiful stretch of heather moorland.

Hamish, as usual, was in his element having found a nice balance-able stick.

The beach on the Dornoch Firth, looking west towards the bridge.

A zoomed picture across the firth to the Glenmorangie Distillery.

What a contrast in crowds from the last few nights.

Headed across the road and up the land to the farmhouse to pay my dues, but nobody home!


  1. Looks a nice site, Iain, and good to see you back to your usual frugal self, using CL sites. I don't know that coast well at all. It would be attractive to me, especially with the old Mini, but the reputation for being very busy and overwhelmed as a result of the NC500 is a detterent. An observation on Hamish's stick balanced carrying abilities; a friend once told me the essential difference, in terms of "mouth sticks" between spaniels and terriers is that the former finds the middle while the latter holds the end. He claimed this reflected their different hunting pedigrees. Whilst a spaniel prepares to carry back the "find", a terrier is a killer and will naturally find the "head" and grip that to stop any revival. Not sure if is true (a bit like dogs only peeing on a north-south line), but makes you think - and you will spot the "end versus middle" issue between terriers and spaniels.


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