Out and about at last...

This is night No 61/2018 living in my caravan. Now at Silverbank C&MC Site in Banchory. I was last here on the 2nd of April 2018, then for a 2 night stay.



I was last out on the 29th June. I'd been staying at a CL near Tayport and whilst driving to the next CL in Blairgowrie, some old 'goat' drove into the back of the caravan. That put a stop to all travelling until today.

The van was repaired under insurance by Barry Cooper Automotive in Fordoun, and and excellent repair it is too.

I'd emptied the van before it went in for repair, and I mean empty. Everything which could be removed was taken out, even the gas bottle and water tank. Amazing the amount of equipment I carry in the van. There's not a lot of weight in the kit, but there is a lot of it!

To make sure everything worked and that I hadn't forgot anything, I reckoned it would be a good idea to stay fairly close to home on the first trip, just in case I needed to nip back in the car for anything missing.

The journey took around 45mins, and I arrived around 1430. I parked in pitch No 25.

Must admit, It was a great feeling to be back in the van. There's definitely something very comforting in this wee machine! And, it looked fantastic (!).

The reception was closed when I arrived, so I followed the instructions posted on the door. The usual routine, take a plan, post your membership card through the letter box, pitch up, and return to pay at 1530.

It was £36.40 for 2 nights for me, the van, and the mutts (free). A bit more than I'd normally pay, and definitely more than a CL, but I suppose it is still the tail end of the peak season.

Did get a chance to get a 'plaque' to add to the collection.

Took the dogs out for a good walk along the banks of the River Dee which runs behind the site. Nice walks on well beaten paths. It forms part of the Deeside Way and the D33 Ultra Marathon.

There were a number of anglers out. They were on both the far and the near banks. Didn't see anyone catching a fish though!

After the walk, we hopped into the car for the 2 min drive to Tesco for some supplies to see me for the next few days.

The weather is grey, but dry. It's around 18c and the forecast has improved since yesterday. Fairly dry weather forecast in the east for the next few days.


  1. Great to read you are back on the road, Iain. I hope the trip goes well and, assuming Banchory is just the first stage in a longer trip, I will watch with interest where you head next. Remenber and use your new shower curtain if using the DIY approach to avoid scaring the refined ladies of Deeside.


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