Silverbank, Banchory

This is night No.62/2018 living in my caravan. It's my second night at Silverbank C&MC Site in Banchory.

Woke around 0615 to some lovely sunny weather. I didn't have any heating on at all yesterday, even overnight, and it was pleasantly mild even this early.

Took the dogs down to the path which follows the River Dee. Didn't see anyone at that time in the morning.

After breakfast and showering, I decided on a long walk from the site into the grounds of Crathes Castle, and returning via the Deeside Way.

After following one of the routes around the forest of Crathes, I headed to a path which led to the main A93 at Milton of Crathes. This is where the Deeside Railway is housed.

A rather pleasant old station.

And a wee locomotive named 'Salmon'.

Spotted this interesting 'British Railways' vehicle. I'll bet that is a butchered Land Rover.

Their yard had an assortment of interesting machinery, including this railway crane.

The walk took around 2hrs, and headed back to the van along the Deeside Way for some lunch.

I'd noticed that the drain cock from the vans waste tank was blocking up. I think the bore was just too small as it was being blocked by sink debris. There's a good caravan shop in nearby Drumoak where they found me a more suitable replacement.

Being in Drumoak, I thought we may as well walk round the 12th Century Forest in the grounds of Drum Castle. I'd walked here just 2 weeks ago with my daughters and grandson in his new pram. A bit of a trial of it's off road capabilities.

It is a fine old forest.

It's a fairly short 30min loop, but very interesting variety of trees.

Afternoon, and we headed out again, this time to a dismantled railway line which runs to the north west of Banchory. I'm guessing that this line once run from Torphins to Banchory, joining the main (also dismantled) line to Aberdeen. A good flat long walk.

The line ballast was still clearly visible in patches, and looked as good as the day it was laid.

Lovely views north over towards Hill of Fare.


  1. I recognise those trains as is around the 15mile (and 18mile on the return) mark of the D33 race. Is always active at the weekend with lots of enthusiasts and lovely steam whistle noises. You've been lucky with the weather as it was raining around mid morning to early afternoon in Angus on "the other side of the hill".


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