The Forests around Culloden

This is night No 64/2018 living in my caravan. This is also my second night of this trip at the Culloden Moor C&MC Site near Inverness.

This was very much a day of walking in Forests. This area is fantastic for good walking forests, all within a fairly short distance of the site.

I got up around 0600 and our first walk was round the forest adjacent to the site. Entry is through a gate in the site fence and really handy for early morning and late evening walks.

It was a bright morning, it did remain bright and showery for the remainder of the day. Quite cool too, at around the 15c mark.

Occasionally there is a fairly harmless 'Mexican Standoff' at breakfast time!

Good opportunity to use my first real indulgence of this trip, a new Black and Decker Dustbuster hoover for the van! Was reduced by £25 in the nearby Tesco. Works a treat on a small space like this van.

After showering and some breakfast, we headed for a short drive to Culloden Moor Forest. A good hour long loop walk. Met another 3 or 4 dog walkers, but a nice place to go.

After the walk, I wanted to visit Go Outdoors in Inverness. I needed a new waterproof jacket and a jumper both of which I got in the sale. Good range of stuff including a lot of caravanning kit.

Got back in the car, headed north over the Kessock Bridge to Ord Hill. I've walked here before but it is a great high level loop taking about 1.5hrs. We experienced very heavy showers, I was glad I'd taken my waterproof jacket.

Some great views down over the Kessock Bridge.

Some interesting rock formations. Above these rocks is the remains of a fort.

It would have been well defended from the south, this side is very steep with huge outcrops.

We returned to the van for some lunch and in the afternoon headed out to Culloden Forest in the village of Culloden. A nice 1hour loop which goes via St Marys Well. A 'clootie well' I suppose, but just looks like a manky mess!

On the return to the site, stopped in past Tesco (Inverness is 'Tesco Town', there are 4 superstores) and got myself a treat I rarely see anywhere. The smelliest cheese known to man, and my favourite 'Epoisses'! Lovely!!


  1. Obviously a day of indulgences, young man, from official site showers to gadget hoovers, new clothes and even luxury fromage. Aye, your old pals in Drumchapel wouldn't recognise the man you have become. I was hoping to read some reports of spotting dolphins in the Moray firth or maybe you're not into that; too much like poor, disadvantaged people with lucky charms to hang on trees, only to be ridiculed by tourists. I will be interested where you head tomorrow as the forecast for the west looked very wet indeed. Keep safe, Iain.


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