This is night No.90/2018 living in my caravan, now pitched at Balbirnie C&MC Site near Markinch in Fife. This site is always very good value, and one night cost £12.40. That is very cheap for a C&MC site.

I was last here in April when I stayed for one night, and strangely the warden woman recognised me! I must have one of those weird looking faces! It's a bit of a 'utility' stop. Beesknowe (a CL) was fine, but I needed to get some laundry done and also visit my daughter in her new flat in Dunfermline.

There had been a grass frost overnight. I awoke in the early hours and turned the heater up. Mind you, it was on 2 and I only moved it to 3, it's a very hot heater when on gas. It was a lovely morning when I got up at 0600. Took the dogs for a walk along the deserted back roads and then knocked up a good hearty breakfast. The gas kettle I use when on these sites must be favoured by the 'refelecto-porn' community!

What I did notice around this area is the existence of many old cast iron road signs, with the CC (county council) ring on top.

Having no mains power connection, it was a simple pack up. Just had to make sure the gas was switched off for the fridge, hob and heater, remove the flue extension which takes the exhaust above the raised roof, empty the tanks, and we were off. It's about an 75mins to Balbirnie from Beesknowe. Lovely drive over the Queensferry Crossing too.

Pitched up, walked the dogs, then headed to Dunfermline for a guided tour of the new flat, very impressive it is too. Afterwards, we all went for a fine walk around Pittencrief Park which is a couple of minutes from the flat. Great park and some fine views of the Palace and Abbey.

Returned to Balbirnie in fine weather. The site is adjacent to Balbirnie Park which is a huge, brilliant, walk.


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