Barnard Castle

This is night No 75/2018 living in my caravan. Now at Teesdale Barnard Castle C&MC Site near Barnard Castle in County Durham.

Got up at a ridiculously late 0645! The weather was fine and dry and a huge relief from yesterdays wet weather.

Nunnykirk is a great site, but too restrictive for dog walking in the surrounding area. It's just daft that dogs MUST be kept on leads, the track along the side of the site has no houses, no livestock, no pedestrians and is only used by people with dogs.

Instead, I headed out first thing to the FC forest at Simonside which gave the dogs a brilliant run around, and to add to the pleasure, there were lots of pheasants around which totally knackered them out.

Lots of self grooming going on after they'd wolfed their breakfasts.

Packed up, emptied the tanks, and left Nunnykirk just after 1000. The journey to Barnard Castle took around 2hrs. Crossed the Pennines at Weardale into Teesdale passing through Stanhope. The Stanhope show was on, but what I will remember is the incredibly steep descent into the village and the absolute hair raising climb on the way out! Probably the steepest road I've ever been on. Just as well I've only got a wee caravan.

First time I've been here and its' a good site. It must be brand new as it doesn't appear on Google Streetview?

The gem here is the dog walk. A huge meadow, fully enclosed, where dogs are allowed to run free through a network of mown paths.

A great asset to any caravan site. The roof in the distance is the Young Offenders Prison which is across the river from the site.

The facilities have been constructed in natural stone and untreated wood.

And, rare, I spotted another Eriba. This one was a 420GT, the slightly bigger van than mine, and all silver, so fairly new.

After a bite to eat, took the dogs direct from the site through Deepdale Wood along a track which takes you to Barnard Castle.

Lovely walk which ends just before the town.

Barnard Castle which the town is named after.

Walked up through the fine streets. At this end of the town, there 'gate' street names, so the town must have been walled at one time. This one led from 'Bridgegate'.

Well preserved and very pleasant. This particular street has a number of antique shops.

Great range of very traditional looking shops.

And on the retun to the site, passed this very old house. As you can tell, it's on a bit of a hill!

It turned out to be quite a fine evening here. It had been grey most of the morning, improving as the day went on.

Took the dogs for another blast around the meadow attached to the site.

And when in England...

This is Bonnie looking quite groomed. Just spent the last 20mins brushing out 'stickie willies'. When they were in the meadow, they flushed a pheasant and being Bonnie, she was off bouncing into the really rough stuff!


  1. She’s looking great dad! Xx

  2. Another series of place names that I have never heard of at any time. It reinforces how relatively overlooked these counties outside of the tourist hot-spots remain. I imagine it is nice too to sense the return to canine freedom. On the cheese front, I do like Wensleydale (the favourite of Wallace), that reminds me of Cheshire but I've never heard of Crumbly Lancashire, although its name suggests it will be similar. Do let you rblog readers know, please, Herr Eriba.


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