Berwick Upon Tweed

This is night No 69/2018 living in my caravan. We're now at Berwick Seaview C&MC Site in the village of Spittal, just outside Berwick Upon Tweed (which is in England!). Off peak rates now, with the van, me, and the mutts (free), paying £31.20 for 2 night.

I've been here once before, back in Oct 2017 when I stayed in my Eriba Puck here for 2 nights. It's a good location for heading further south. The site itself is above a housing estate in Spittal, with views over the roofs to the mouth of the Tweed and the North Sea.

Not a bad view from the back window of the van.

I'm in pitch No.70 which is on the highest tier of the site, right next to the boundary and the main East Coast rail line. I quite like the sound of the trains flying by!

The site is full tonight. It was quite congested getting in through the barrier.

This pair fair enjoyed their journey, and were rewarded with a good blast around the beach.

Later in the afternoon, it remained dry but very muggy. Very heavy skies as we went for a walk on Spittal beach.

A nice beach, a spit of land which separates the Tweed from the sea.

Very warm, around 25C. Dogs headed straight in to cool off.

Interesting brick cairn?

I think the chimney stack near the beach is the remains of the Spittal brickworks, hence the profusion of bricks on the beach.

When I arrived earlier today, I was warned that one of the pitches was out of action due to a breakdown of a motorhome. This was the breakdown. A British registered LHD Mercedes Unimog. Why would anyone buy an 'overland' Unimog expedition vehicle and stay on a Caravan Club site?? "All the gear, no idea" I reckon!


  1. Good to see you travelling again, Iain, and indeed to the very birthplace Hamish (as in Cousin Hambo), who always liked reminding people he himself is English. I had to look up what a Merc Unimog was but, now I see it, it does seem extremely ambitious (if not stupidly expensive) to take one of those on tour. I've only ever seem them taking shooters up the Angus hills or (on TV) on polar bear watching trips. Surprised to read the place was busy as I thought the "great English school return" would have caused an exodus of caravans for 2018. Maybe there are too many wealthy touring pensioners with time and money to burn, just look those from Luthermuir. Enjoy the trip, Iain.


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