This is night No.88/2018 living in my caravan. This is our second night at Dunbar C&CC Site near Dunbar.

I awoke quite late today, 0700! Slept like a log, maybe it was the rain overnight or the strong breeze, I've no idea but to sleep until 0700 is a rare thing.

Took the dogs for a blast in the neighbouring fields. There's no livestock, so they get a good runaround. After a shower, for the first time on this trip, it was a roll with bacon, and one with a fried egg. Delicious.

After breakfast, took the dogs on a long walk along White Sand Bay, past Barns Ness lighthouse, onto the bay beyond. This area has a great coastline. The cement work was again in full swing, it's huge plume still pumping out 24hrs a day.

The Barns Ness lighthouse and the remains of a timber and iron structure. Must have been part of a dock at one time?

After lunch, I wanted to have a sneaky look at a CL I fancy at a farm about 3 miles from here, Beesknowe. At £5 per night, I didn't expect much and there's no power. I've got the solar kit with me, so that isn't an issue. Found the site and to my surprise, there was only one van there, and it was an Eriba!

Nearby, to the CL, is the excellent Pressmennan Wood. A woodland trust forest, it is great for a scenic walk. Lots of water, burns and a sizeable loch.

Seen a lot of ducks and a swan.

Cracking place, and very lush.

After a dinner of Haggis, neeps and tatties, thought it would be a good idea to walk some of it off with a wander into Dunbar along the John Muir Way. The weather was fine.

Passed the famous vinyl record shop in Dunbar.

Took the road back, took about 2 hours, a very good walk.


  1. So ... if is really your 88th night of 2018 in your caravan, you passed the magic one-third of the year marker today. That means you have spent a third of the total nights this year under ... well, not canvas, but fibre-glass maybe? If, we assume, however, that you only started using your caravan on 1st April (my proxy for Spring) then you've actually spent (just) over half of the "caravan year" out of doors. That is impressive, Iain. It's a wonder your neighbours can still recognise you.


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