Englethwaite Hall

This is night No.81/2018 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Englethwaite Hall C&MC Site near Cotehill in Cumbria. It's 5 mins off the M6 J42, just east of Carlisle. A very reasonable £23.20 for 2 nights. More like CL prices.

After 2 night in Lower Wensleydale C&MC Site in Yorkshire, I have come to the conclusion is is simply a shambles of a site. The staff were very surly, lacked any kind of personality, the facilities were very, very dated. The ground keeping was a mess, and to top it all, there was zero facilities for any dog owners. It was cheap, but unless I absolutely need to, I wouldn't go back. What a contrast to the excellent site at Hawes, just 17miles away.

What an absolute joy to arrive at this place, Englethwaite Hall. It's in the garden ground of what was the 'Old Hall', which must have been a very large mansion house. It's a site with no toilet block, but your given power and there is the usual water, bins, and chemical waste dumps.

The reception building was really pretty.

What a job the folk here have done.

Some quirky touches around the site.

I an in an absolutely huge pitch. Plenty of room for my car in front or at either side of the van. It's a sheltered pitch surrounded by large trees.

One feature of these type of sites is the chemical waste disposal. They seem to always have the wooden roof type structure. Maybe it's for shelter or privacy for those a bit embarrassed if someone sees them send 'an old friend to sea'!

Very green well laid out site.

That's my van dwarfed by the trees.

This is a brilliant site for those with dogs. There's a completely enclosed dog field and a woodland walk on the site, and there is a gate from the site straight into a huge wood, 'High Stand'. Very nice walks straight from the site off lead.

There's a few large ponds within the woods.

It's hard to believe this is just outside Carlisle, a town I'd always regarded as a roadside place always by-passed.

One of the larger ponds in the woods.

Looking forward to a couple of nights here.


  1. Good blog post, Iain. I imagine you won't offer your views on the Lower Wensleydale site to the usual caravanners review site but perhaps you should consider a diplomatic way of doing that to forewarn others. It looks like a nice site you've found so let's hope it works out better for you and the dogs. Finally, that phrase "sending an old friend to sea" was new to me but one, I'm sure, I will be using in future - I just have to watch for appropriate opportunities.

  2. That looks the most beautiful site you’ve ever stayed in!


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