Hadrians Wall

This is night No.82/2018 living in my caravan. This is the second night we've been staying at Englethwaite Hall, near Carlisle.

Slept really well, getting up at a ridiculously late 0700! This site has no toilet block, therefore no showers. I always shower very early to avoid any chance of having to queue, but with no shower block, I think, subconsciously, I can sleep longer? The weather was fine with light cloud. Took the dogs around the forest, direct from the site, for an early morning run around. After our return and my 'ablutions', I had a breakfast of toasted bagel with Salmon Cheese. I was recommended this cheese, and it was absolutely delicious! Particularly on a bagel.

I'm in border country, that is the border between England and Scotland. I have always wanted to see, for myself, Hadrians Wall. A good perusal of the OS Maps, and a short drive took me to Gilsland where good portions of the wall remain.

There are still remains of turrets.

Quite impressive structure considering it 'opened' (according to Wkipedia) in 128AD!

At parts here, the wall stands around 6ft high.

Beautifully crafted stonework, done almost 2000 years ago.

There are lots of places where the stone has been taken over the years, often to construct nearby buildings and walls. I read it was also taken by General Wade to build the roads to sort out the Jacobites. This stone has played it's part in quelling those rebellious Scots, for sure.

It's a substantial structure for sure. A lot better preserved than I thought I would see and makes you realise how advanced the Romans really were.

It seems to be a wide stone base, a narrower main wall, then filled with more uneven rubble and cement.

Well worth the effort to visit.


  1. You lucky man. I've never seen the wall either although there is a Hadrian's Wall Ultra race. It is a stunning piece of civil engineering and well before any form of industrial assistance other than, presumably, the sweat of captured slaves including the wild men of Caledonia. By the way, whoever came up with the idea of launching that flavour of Philadelphia cheese needs a good kick up the a**e. Even the thought of it makes me feel ill.

  2. Can’t agree more Angus... fish cheese??????


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