Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales

This is night No 77/2018 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Hawes C&MC Site near Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales. Paid £34 for me, the van, and the mutts (free) for 2 nights.

Got up around 0600, and took the dogs for a run around the meadow on the site. A brilliant dog exercise area. After breakfast, I took the dogs into Deepdale Wood for a good run around before returning the the van to start packing up.

These woods are also a huge bonus if you have a dog. Miles of paths to wander on, off lead.

Left the site around 1045 for the 1hr drive to Hawes. I headed west onto the A66, then followed B roads down towards Yorkshire. It was a brilliant scenic drive, even though it was a bit drizzly in places.

Just how I imagined the Dales would look!

Stopped for a picture of the spectacular Pendragon Castle.

A mix of single track and single carriageway roads following a railway line for a good bit of the trip.

Arrived at the site just after noon. The reception building is a very traditional looking stone building. It looks like a large site, but the pitches are all fairly private. Nice staff too, and a lot of information is available.

Another absolute cracker of a dog walk, and a bit of Yorkshire humour! The Pennine Way passed the entrance to the site and there were a good few walkers still out on the walk.

A massive field, totally enclosed, with mown paths to follow.

Got a chance to increase the plaque collection too.

Took a walk into Hawes with the dogs. A very 'James Herriot' looking place with narrow winding streets.

A nice market square.

And some very traditional Yorkshire houses along the riverside.

And of course, Hawes is the home of the famous cheese. This one is made about 1/4 mile from where I'm going to eat it!

A rather fine cheese it is too, quite mild but a very rich flavour. Slightly crumbly and is encased in wax.

Despite the rain, I was keen to get out and do a bit of walking. After dinner, we set off on a route in my guidebook to a fine waterfall. Best weather to see one. Walked the 5 mins back into Hawes. Some really fine houses.

We then followed the Pennine Way for a bit, then onto a waymarked path. Must have crossed 10 fields of sheep, each adjoining the next (for walkers) are these peculiar little stiles. Just wide enough to pass through, in fact one was so narrow I had to lift the dogs over the gap. Little sprung gates keep the sheep from using them.

Got a bit wet, but it was worth it to see the lovely Aysgill Force, a fine high waterfall dropping into a gorge.

Maybe around 25ft of a drop.

It was a great circular(ish) walk passing back through the village of Gayle on the outskirts of Hawes.


  1. Looks and reads like a great place, Iain. Very Yorkshire indeed. I await, with anticipation, the testing of the famed tea and scones. Looking online, there were some amazing pictures of flooding in Hawes a few years ago with water rushing through some of those narrow streets. It looks like there is no lasting damage. I wonder if real Wensleydale travels well, as in back to Jockland ...


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