Leyburn and Middleham

This is night No.80/2018 living in my caravan. This is my second night at Lower Wensleydale C&MC Site near Leyburn.

As forecast, got up to a nice morning at 0600. Took the dogs out of the site, across the Wensleydale Rail Line and followed a short lane down to the Pheasant Inn.

After breakfast, I was keen to get a walk where I could let the dogs run free, but not too far away. Leyburn Shawl is a walk on the outskirts of the town and in my guidebook, I could see that this could become a nice long circular walk.

I parked next to a church just north of Market Square, left a contribution in the honesty box, then was walking around 0840. I met a local walking his dog and gave me the tips about where to let them off lead. A big part of the walk was off lead! Some great views over the dales as the forest climbed.

I kept the dogs on the lead at this point as to the left were sheer cliffs, probably with a vertical drop of 100ft. Better safe than sorry.

We emerged from the wood and followed a footpath past Tullis Cote. The weather was lovely.

We went through 4 fields, then along 'The Scars' before climbing and re-entering the forest.

The walk took around 2hrs. A surprise when we returned to the site. A Peacock was wandering around the caravan! They must be related to pheasant, as this pair were very, very, interested.

After some lunch and a short nap (!), I wanted to visit Middleham and do a walk along the River Cover which was in my guidebook. A cracking little town with strong ties with Richard III.

A feature of a lot of towns in this part of the world, village squares.

Some beautiful buildings.

The ruins of Middleham Castle where Richard III spent his childhood. A huge place.

A better view from further up Sunskew (?) on part of the Six Dales Trail.

The walk leads down to the riverside of the River Cover.

Further downstream are the stepping stones.

An excellent opportunity for the dogs to get rehydrated.

Middleham is also famous for Racehorses and I passed a number of stables and a number of fields with many horses.

A great days walking in some fine countryside.


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