This is night No 73/2018 living in my caravan. We're now at Nunnykirk C&MC Site in Northumberland. It is £28 for 2 nights for me, the van, and the mutts (free).

It's an unusual site for me. It's a cross between a standard C&MC Site and a CL. It has all the usual standards such as good reception, well laid out pitches, nice staff, excellent information booth, but the biggest difference compared to the normal site is that it does not have a toilet block. Not a problem as I have on board facilities and I can configure a shower. It's a bit like getting back to basics as far as touring goes and thins out the, lets say, 'less robust' campers!

All grass pitches, mains power nearby, and the white cable is a hook up on the pillar for TV, therefore you don't need to put up an aerial.

More importantly, gives me the chance to add to my 'plaque' collection!

There's 3 large fields separated by bridges over streams. Huge site considering it's a maximum of 48 units.

I got up this morning about 6am and took the dogs around the 'nature trail' on site. After breakfast, headed back to Thrunton Wood for a good walk before we headed south. This forest has some great walking, made all the better by the fine weather.

It took about 35mins to drive to Nunnykirk. After paying and pitching up I took the hounds for a walk. I was advised that it's a condition of use (by the landowner) that dogs MUST be kept on leads. Shame, but I had brought the extending variety and they didn't seem to mind too much.

The track passes along the site heading 1 mile into Nunnykirk Village. My van through the trees.

When I returned, the dogs coats were full of 'burrs'. Very sticky and tricky to remove, it's almost like they 'explode' seeds when you try and pull them off. I had to resort to a stickle brush to remove them.

I noticed this sign later in a FC Forest. Sounds like the same problem here.

Took the short 10min drive into Rothbury, the nearest town which has a good wee co-op. Another fine Northumbrian town.

On the way here, I noticed a sign for 'Simonside Hills'. Turned out to be a great forest for dog walking.

I managed to dodge showers, but when I returned to the site, I just missed a massive shower!


  1. Another interesting blog. Besides the "global village" reinforcement of Kiwi burrs being an issue in Northumberland, the need for dogs on leads and your comments the other day about restrictive access that is often confned to specific path make we value the "freedom to roam: legislation in Scotland. As the Out of Doors podcast once said, we don't realise what an example Scotland is to the rest of the world. I'm looking forward to when you get to Yorkshire and get the chance to test how good their local tea, brewed locally, actually is in practice. Travel safely, young man.


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