River Breamish

This is night No 71/2018 living in my caravan. Now at the River Breamish C&MC Site near Branton, a small Northumberland Village near Powburn. A reasonable £31.80 for the van, me, and the mutts (free).

I've only been here once before. I visited in June 2016 on a trip around the Berwickshire coast.

I got up at around 0600 after another fine sleep. It was still a bit drizzly, but a huge improvement on yesterdays weather. I must have got soaked and dried out about 5 times.

After a short 'dog emptying' walk, I had a shower then made some bagels and peanut butter. Indulgence No.2 on this trip, none of your 'Tesco Value' peanut butter for me, the pensioner!

Took the dogs out again for a longer walk around Spittal. The carpark at the beach suffers from the same problems becoming widespread in Scotland. There were 8 parked up here. The carpark (at least the sea view side) was full. I could see them from the site and a number of them have been here since I arrived.

What ever happened to the idea of 'stealth'?

Returning to the site, I took a picture of an old photograph of the site. What a difference and demonstrates brilliantly the evolution of caravanning. Looking close, there are no campervans and interestingly, none of the caravans have awnings. There is also a lack of cars? Maybe because there are no tar roads, they pitched then shifted the car elsewhere. An entirely turf site, and love that there a few with toilet tents. Not a single TV Aerial! This was the days when entertainment was very social, and campers mixed and visited each other.

A nice drive through the country and after leaving, 30 mins later I was at River Breamish. A nice site and very green.

Took an afternoon walk from the site, round Branton Lakes across the river and into the small hamlet of Brandon (not Branton which is across the river).

On the way back past the Lakes. The dogs are on leads as there were a number of signs asking dog owners to do so due to the high number of adders at the moment.

A really nice walk.

With real Bull Rushes. Also spotted dozens of dragonflies. I think they were Golden Ringed Dragonflies, quite large and not often seen back home.

Bull Rush. They almost look false.

After dinner, took the dogs a short drive to Hepburn Woods. A very old historic woodland about 5 miles away. Lovely views across the country.

You don't often see archaeology on a dog walk! A Bronze age burial cist.

A fine mixed woodland managed by the Forestry Commission.

Took a good hour from car to car on a fine circular route.


  1. Nice commentary, Iain. Great photo of the old caravan site. You didn't write the period; was it the 60s perhaps? Like you, I dislike the prospect of meeting adders. They are always far bigger than you think is possible. Still, they are small compared to Texan snakes as well as the rattlesnake I once had to leap over during a Californian trail run. I heard the woman behind me scream from about half a mile. Keep up the pensioner indulgences.


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