This is night No.89/2018 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Beesknowe Farm, a CL near Stenton about 4 miles from Dunbar. £5 per night, irrespective of how many people, size of outfit, number of dogs etc.

Awoke at 0600 to quite fine weather. Took the dogs for a run around the nearby fields, and after breakfast I packed up the van to move on. Wasted time, read a book, had a snooze, and finally left Dunbar C&CC Site around 1200 for the 5 min drive to Beesknowe.

I much prefer CL's. Dunbar was just too crowded for me. It was quiet enough in my van, but people and vehicles to and fro'ing, kids on bikes, folk erecting all distracts me! I must be getting old and set in my own ways. There was one other Eriba at Dunbar, looked like a 310GT, same as mine but instead of a toilet it has an extra small single bed, making it a 3 berth. Nice van.

There was only one other outfit at Beesknowe, and it was an Eriba. Bigger than mine, maybe a 420GT? It's hard to tell but they obviously (must!) have a toilet.

The sun has been out today, so as I'm off grid, I put out the solar panel which is pumping out 14.4V as I write this. More than enough to keep everything charged full. No hook up means the fridge is one gas, and the heater, when needed, will also be on gas. They both work better on gas, but the trade off is the gas consumption. I'm still on my original gas bottle, and I have a magnetic level indicator on it, but it's still a bit of a mystery as to how long it'll last.

A great, basic CL. The reviews I read on the CC website mentioned that the grass was a bit long. It's probably like my garden and could do with a mow. It's dry though, and I have wellies if it rains. There's a water supply, a bin, and somewhere to empty the toilet tank which looks like a 2ft length of sewage pipe sticking vertically out of the ground, very agricultural!

Was looking to take the dogs for a good walk, and a 5 min drive away is the rather fine hill, Traprain Law. Never heard of it, but I've always noticed it when driving along the nearby A1. It's a very steep, rugged looking hill, which was once a hill fort.

A steep, rapid, grunt of a hill. The views of Berwick Law and the Fife coast were lovely on the way up.

We were very soon at the summit. There's Exmoor Ponies up here grazing, just like Berwick Law, but I didn't see any today. I met another bloke with dogs, and he said that they must be over the other side of the hill and that the dogs would be fine.

Views east over Dunbar and the coast.

A distant Fife.

Looking west, I could see a number of big hills, possibly the Trossachs? It was very clear and windy, but there wasn't much haze to spoil the view.

The CL is in a nice area of East Lothian. The roads around the site are dead, and go through some nice woodland.

Good walking for the dogs.

After dinner, took the dogs along a lovely road towards Biel.

And returned through Beesknowe Farm, who's field I'm staying in.

A lovely chilly sunset.


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