Troutbeck to Melrose

This is night No.85/2018 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Melrose Gibson Park C&MC Site in Melrose. Paid £32.60 for 2 nights for me, the van, and the mutts (free).

Woke around 0600 to a wet, drizzly morning. Took the dogs a walk into the forest near the site, then started to pack up. After another walk round the forest, we left the site around 1000. It's about a 2hr drive north to Melrose.

The route was quite enjoyable. It was north on the M6, then the A7 through Dumfries and Galloway then into The Borders. I'm not that familiar with the A7, but despite the weather (still showery) it was a clear scenic route. Arrived, after a few short breaks, around 1220.

I've been here once before, in Oct 2017 with my Puck. It's a nice site right in the centre of town and it's often booked up full, probably due to the fact it's a small site of 56 pitches, almost a 1/3 of Troutbeck Head where I'd left earlier. I do like Melrose, and it's a great base for some great walking.

After pitching, it was 'dobie day', so on the way to the laundry, I spotted this tiny little Airstream. Not often I have competition for the 'Coolest Van on the Site' status! I definitely would have on of these. Be interesting to see what's towing it, these vans are very heavy.

After settling in, the weather was improving so I took the dogs for a walk along the Tweed. I've walked this many times, it's a good hours walk which lets the dogs have a quality run around.

The old chain footbridge across the Tweed.

The Tweed from the bridge.

Crossing the bridge. It's also part of the Southern Upland Way, I remember crossing it when I walked that route a few years ago.

We continued along the bank to the roadbridge, crossed and returned on the other side of the river. Great views as you re-enter Melrose.

The Tweed and the bridge.

The church green with the Eildon Hills behind.

Have to make the most of the good weather. The next few days are forecast very wet and windy in these parts.


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