100th Night Touring!

This is night No. 100(!)/2018 living in my caravan, and we're on our second night at the Yellowcraig C&MC Site near Dirleton not far from North Berwick.

Well, it took a while to get here, but I have hit the target of 100 nights living in my caravan this year, and I started late. My first night of the year was 21st March and it was also the first night I'd been away in this caravan, my Eriba 320GT. That first night was at Silverbank in Banchory. My target was really just to beat last years total of 52 nights, but once I started staying away and realising the benefits of the car and caravan combo, there was no stopping.

I was helped by a great Spring and Summer, but I was also hindered with 6 weeks out due to some old idiot from Dundee 'ramming' my van!

Some of the stats so far this year:

Nights in Scotland: 81
Nights in England: 19
Nights on Caravan and Camping Club Sites: 10
Nights on Caravan & Motorhome Club Sites: 68
Nights on Certified Locations: 17
Nights on Independent Sites: 5

Some memorable, new, places: Orkney, The Lake District, Cumbria, and Northumberland National Park.

Today, the weather has been great since we woke up. Took the dogs for a daybreak walk on the beach, then returned to the van for a cooked breakfast. I try not to make a habit of these, but when your travelling on your own a packet of sausages and a pack of bacon provides a lot of meals!

At around 9am, took the dogs down the beach then had a good long walk west along the shore towards Gullane. It was very quiet.

The Bass Rock and Berwick Law in the distance.

Returned and knocked up a tin of vegetable soup for lunch.

The weather remained fine. In the afternoon, I took the dogs back down the beach for a blast.

Due to the weather, and the School Holiday Week (?), the place was fairly busy, but there's a lot of space here.

The issue at this time of year is the length of the days. I was keen to squeeze in another quick walk, this time along the John Muir Way. The site in the distance.

And a zoomed picture, my van is the 'blur' on the left!


  1. Congratulations on the century, Iain. For a moment, from the photograph, I thought you had started the day with a Bucks Fizz. A Full English is better. I do hope the dogs got a treat too. So, the new question is ... what is the 2019 target? Do you think you can do another 100 or even more? Assuming the 66% away rate you manage, that six weeks absence could have added about 25nights so you could be at 125 by now. On that basis, maintaing an annual 100 might be realistic.

  2. Nice one dad, Bonnie and hamish! 100 nights away is the stuff dreams are made of and to think that most of that was exploring the beauty that is on your doorstep. Beautiful photo of the bass rock. Whenever you’re doing Norway let me know!!!!x

  3. Wheyhey!!! 100 nights in a tin can :)


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