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This is night No-92/2018 living in my caravan. We're now on our second and final night at Ayr Craigie Gardens C&MC Site in the town of Ayr.

It remained dry overnight, and I should know! Bonnie was suffering from a dose of 'the runs' and she woke me at 1130pm, 1am, and 4am to get out for some 'relief'. It was a long night, especially the 4am shout as I thought it would help if I simply let her off the lead to go and do her business. Big mistake, I thought, I as I seen her shape in the dark disappearing off between the caravans! 10mins of trying to whisper shouts, she reappeared.

Finally got some sleep, and woke at 0700. We went for a walk out the site and into the grounds of the University. Really impressive place, and for a 'new' university, it definitely feels like one.

An old mansion within the grounds.

I think this is also a University facility of some sort. Reminiscent of the grand houses you often see further south in Galloway.

Not worn this one for a while. A huge 'thin out' of T shirts has pushed the lesser worn ones to the top of the pile.

After breakfast, with the rain just starting, I took the dogs for a run around on Ayr beach. I think it's certified as a bathing beach, but it doesn't look to great to me!

In fact, made me think that this is what beaches must have looked like in the former USSR! Mind you, it was a bit grey.

Then, it bucketed. It has rained hard all day. I expected this and was planning to use today as a reading and planning day. I've done a good bit of reading, but not much planning!

At lunchtime, I thought it would be a good idea to find a good forest walk. Being a member of NTS, I realised Culzean Castle was around 20mins away and has a good country park. It was chucking it down, but it was a great walk in some beautiful woodland.

Lots of tracks, many different trees, and nice and sheltered.

Some stretches were lawned as well. I didn't have a map and I didn't see any waymarkers, I just turned when I felt I'd walked far enough.

Lots of hidden ponds with benches.

And lots of Pampas Grass. This place must be wild at night!

Passed this excellent carving of a pair of otters on a log. The detail and the spiral carving is very impressive.

The path led me back towards the carpark and the Swan Pond. Huge body of water with birdhouses on islands and a sort of promenade surround.

The pond also had a fine building, now operating as a cafe.

Whoever built Culzean Estate must have been loaded, and had some big ideas. The grounds here are huge.

And for dinner, another Remoska baked potato. Lovely!


  1. Does look a nice university campus. I've been there before with the "middle of the night dog whispering" stuff. Recently, that has been even more difficult with wee Maisie as she is losing her hearing so quiet words completely miss her; my secret weapon is Peggy, who always finds her super-fast. Culzean Castle is terrific. We went a few times with a friend from Sorn although, regrettably, I never did get to see the Eisenhower Apartments. One day maybe. Finally, I hope that was a Golden Wonder tattie. I'm becoming a bit of an obsessive fan of these, even if occasionally they are "scabbed". Safe travels, young man.


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