This is night No.98/2018 living in my caravan. I'm now at Bellingham C&CC Site, situated on the ouskirts of Bellingham Village. It cost £12.95 for one night, which is reasonable considering this club charges per person, then pitch, and then a ridiculous (and robbery) £5.50 for power. If you try and book a non-power pitch, spookily they're always sold out or not available.

Woke to torrential rain at around 0700. Took the dogs out into the forest a few times, I had an umbrella, but they two got soaked, twice. I'm running out of dry 'dog towels'!

Had a peek out the canvas pop-up on the van a few times. It was miserable all morning, and I got a good soaking when we hooked up and left around 1200.

It was about an hour to Bellingham. Pleasant enough drive along the A69 towards Hexham, then north to Bellingham. The site is OK, but the standards are far below the C&MC sites. The grounds always look a bit scabby, but maybe I'm just becoming a caravan snob!

There is a 30yd (!) dog walk on the site, so I took the dogs into Bellingham to walk along the banks of the River Tyne. The rather fine bridge leads into the village.

Not a bad walk, short but a good area to let the dogs have a decent run around.

My pitch at the far end of the site.

I've never been here before, and it probably wasn't the best weather to make a judgement. Not a lot of pitches, and many are grass.

Later, popped into Bellingham to the Co-op, then back along the riverside walk. The Tyne was very high, broaching the path at a few points.

The path leads to the (historic?) St Cuthberts Well.

And a fine old path leads between buildings, back into the village.

St Cuthberts Church.

The village of Bellingham, there is a small selection of shops just round the corner.

It's continued very wet, and it's forecast as bad again tomorrow in this area. I'll probably move to a more dog friendly (and drier) location tomorrow.


  1. Reads to me (based on charrging basis, facilities and location) that you'll be happy to move on quickly and put this in the book of "experiences not to be repeated". It does seem that Storm Callum is having a major impact on the north and west of the UK in general. Would be a good test for you to choose your next location based on a favourable weather outlook but without travelling too far. Inland and to the east of a hill range, maybe? Will be watching for signals of Bonnie and Hamish growing webbed feet to match their master.


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