This is night No.102/2018 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Bunree C&MC Site, near Onich, around 8 miles south of Fort William.

I haven't been on the West Coast since back in April. The crowds and the midges can make it miserable, so an autumn trip to the area seemed a good idea. It was a fine drive here, through Perth, Crieff, and through Glen Coe. A bit drizzly, but there was the odd bright spell. I have undertaken this trip fully prepared for rain!

The site is fairly quiet, and I got a waterside pitch overlooking Loch Linnhe.

After setting up, took the dogs across the road from the site (that is, the main A82), to Inchree. There are some good waymarked trails here which I've walked many times. I went round the 'Waterfall Trail'.

Typical West Coast weather looking south.

Returned to the site to complete the unpacking and I could here the 'thumping' of helicopters. Two Chinooks were flying low level up the loch. Impressive sight.

Later in the afternoon, I was keen to get the dogs out on a good walk before the light faded, so we headed into Ballachulish to walk the 'Brecket Trail'. A great walk through some old slate quarries. Apparently these quarries roofed the buildings throughout Scotland until cheaper imports emerged in the 1950's. Massive places.

Could see the Munros of the Ballachullish Horseshoe in the mist.

Looking back down at the village as the path climbed steeply into woods.

Must be really clean air here, everything was covered in moss.

The route passes some old derelict buildings.

Another building.

The route then emerges in Brecklet, the old part of Ballachullish. Fine old church.

The road through Brecklet has a fine old bridge.

Over a really fine river. A real surprise, as the A82 bypasses the village and it's not really visible when passing though the area.

The start point of the walk was in the Co-op carpark, so took the opportunity to get some supplies. The weather has deteriorated a bit, and it is now constant light rain. Typical West Coast!


  1. Good to read that you're back on the road, Iain, although, for once, you missed the better weather at home. Today was stunning with an incredible red sunset. Still, I know the west coast (without weans and midgies) is always an irresistible draw for you. Set expectations to "drookit most of the time" and enjoy the trip. Tomorrow looks mighty wet for you as that cold front pushes the moisture ahead.

  2. Have to agree with Angus, the sunrise and sunset here was amazing yesterday!!!


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