Englethwaite Hall

This is night No.97/2018 living in my caravan. This is my second night at Englethwaite Hall C&MC Site near Carlisle.

Woke up at around 0700 to drizzly weather. This site is very sheltered, so I wasn't aware at all of gusty winds through the night.

After getting the dogs out in the sites Dog Field, and getting cleaned up, decided that in this miserable weather, a fry up was in order. First time I've used the hob in a wee while and the breakfast was excellent.

The site certainly looks very autumnal, the site staff were out collecting leaves, but they were accumulating as quickly as they were being cleared.

The little cul-de-sac has only me staying in it. The other vans were empty seasonal pitches. In fact, the whole site is very quiet. I reckon there are maybe another 5 or 6 pitches actually occupied.

Remains one of my favourite sites. Great grounds and the area is great for walking the dogs.

Not many pictures on today's entry. It was just miserable! Heavy, driving, soaking rain. Still managed to get the dogs a few walks.

Went a drive into Tesco in Carlisle to fill the car and get some more dog food. On the return, parked up at the other side of the adjacent forest, High Stand, and got a good hour walk in.

It's very much a day of getting wet, drying dogs, and drying out!

The rain bothers this pair as much as it bothers me!

The rather fine woodland walk within the site. Englethwaite Hall was once a very grand house for a 'Plaster Magnate' from Cumbria, who mined Gypsum in the area. I read in the information room that many years ago, when the Caravan Club aquired the land, that it was a condition of sale that the house be demolished and cleared. Apparently, it was already derelict at the time. One legacy is the outstanding gardens in which the site has been built.


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