Glenrigh and Glen Duror

This is night No.103/2018 living in my caravan. Continuing for a second night at Bunree C&MC Site near Onich.

Had an outstanding sleep, getting up around 0630 in the dark. That's probably the biggest thing you notice as you get nearer winter. It'll be better when the clocks go back on sunday.

It was dry when I took the dogs just a short walk on the site, and after breakfast I took the 5 min drive to Inchree to walk the 'Wades Road Trail' in Glenrigh forest. A good walk, although a bit of a grunt for the first section up through the trees!

It leads to a quarry in the forest before turning back downhill.

Hamish, as usual, was more interested in finding a good stick.

The track back down has great views south along the loch and the hills above Ballachullish.

From here, took a drive into Fort William for fuel and a few supplies, then headed back to the van for lunch. It was a mix of light rain and drizzle and a fresh breeze, but still fine for getting out.

In the afternoon, jumped in the car and headed about 10miles south to Glen Duror. There's good walking here in a huge forest. I'd walked here before, and fancied a walk up to the birthplace of 'James of the Glen', the man hung for the murder of the Red Fox.

The building is quite remote and takes a fair bit of effort to climb up to it. It's now a MBA Bothy, known as 'Taigh Seamus a Ghlinne', literally 'The House of James of the Glen'.

Typical bothy interior with a number of sleeping platforms.

It was good and dry, and was even quite cozy despite there being no-one here, and no fire on.

Looking back, it's located on a very old track which you can follow on the map through the hills to Ballachullish.

And just before darkness arrived (sunset is at 1755!) I took the dogs a final walk up past the waterfalls. They were dramatic in the rain.

A Spaniel included to demonstrate scale...(!)


  1. Looks a good day (and night) up there. Personally, I like those overcast cold(ish) days to be outdoors. That looks like a nice bothy and, oddly, has put me in the mood to re-watch "Under My Skin", that surreal Scarlett Johanson sci-fi movie that was filmed mostly in Scotland with (unaware) Glasgow extras. Take care of yourself.


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