North Berwick

This is night No 101/2018 living in my caravan. It's my 3rd and final night at Yellowcraig C&MC Site near Dirleton.

Got up around 0700, and took the dogs for a quick walk at the Yellowcraig Plantation. It was still quite dark, but it was dry and the only other person I spotted was another dog walker, with a torch, and a yapping little terrier which he was having no luck in calling back.

After the morning routines, I decided to take the dogs the coastal walk from here to North Berwick. It involves walking through the woods, then onto the beach for a few miles into North Berwick, then returning by the John Muir Way. I walked it many times before.

The stretch of good forest.

On the approach to North Berwick, again, fine views of the Law. I zoomed in to see if I could pick out the (replica) whale jawbone at the summit.

Great views to the spectacular Bass Rock, just offshore.

After lunch, I took the dogs for another good coastal walk. On the OS Map, I spotted there was a carpark and a walk to Tyninghame Links. It's a Pay & Display of £2 per day.

It's a good long circular walk, the first is a long stretch through another forest.

I saw many of these anti tank installations throughout the wood. There are hundreds of these huge blocks of concrete. Also, passed a couple of pill boxes.

Many are overgrown, but they still look solid.

The path leads to fine views towards Dunbar, over Tyne Sands.

This interesting gorge is on the map as 'St Baldreds Cradle'.

Then there were fine views over Ravensheugh Sands.

And the distant Bass Rock.

On the return, stopped in at Aldi for some supplies, and headed back to the site. A bit greyer today, but it stayed dry and felt a little warmer.


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