Ratagan and Glenelg

This is night No 106/2018 living in my caravan. Now on my 3rd night at Morvich C&MC Site near Inverinate in Kintail.

Strange morning. The clocks went back last night, and I was awake at the rather weird time of 0530, that's 0630 in 'old money'! It must have been bitterly cold last night. The van roof was covered in solid frost, and the wool seal round the door was a frozen block of ice. I never actually noticed, this van is so well insulated that I was perfectly comfortable in my summer (!) sleeping bag, and the spaniels were more than warm enough. The heater wasn't even cranked up. Great vans.

After a quick walk in the dark near the site, and some breakfast, I took the dogs up the forest next to Inverinate. The views speak for themselves. Stunning.

This zoomed picture is a bit puzzling. It's a shot of a herd of wild goats above me on the hillside. They are very well coloured to match the ground. It was the first sight I'd caught of them, they're all over the place in this area. There were also a number of Red Deer in the woods.

A 'mill pond' stillness over Loch Duich.

It was a fine autumnal walk.

Later in the morning, I wanted to take a drive over Ratagan Pass to Glenelg. Stopped at the summit for a picture of Loch Duich and the Five Sisters. Absolutely stunning.

Headed downhill into Glenelg, then round the bay to Bernera Beach. A fine beach looking right down the Sound of Sleat. In the distance are Sandaig Islands and on the horizon, the Isle of Eigg.

It's a fine beach, empty, with views over the Kylerhea narrows to Skye.

Looking inland towards Glenelg.

On the return, I passed over the pass and parked on a forest track half way down the hill. My car can be seen on the right. The track was an airy affair on a very steep drop.

The views over the village of Ratagan, the Five Sisters, and Loch Duich. The site is in the shadow on the left of the picture above the loch. The location of the site, and the surrounding hills, place it in shadow for most of the day this time of year. In the shadow, it was -1C, in the sun it was +6C!

With the change of the clocks, it was a bit of a race to get the dogs out by dark, and the sunset was around 1645!


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