Return to Culloden

This is night No.107/2018 living in my caravan. We're now pitched at Culloden Moor C&MC Site, about 5 miles from Inverness. 2 nights cost £24.40, very reasonable and most likely due to it being almost the end of the season.

Got up around 0700, which was remarkable as that is really (by BST) 0800! At last, an opportunity to walk the dogs in the morning in light with no torch. we took a wander down by the River Croe which runs past the site. It was still cold, but definitely not as cold as last night.

Quite a fine sunrise and a touch of 'Alpen Glow' over the hills to the West.

I was a bit muddled about where to go next. I really didn't fancy just heading back in the reverse of the journey I'd taken, so opted to head north east towards Inverness to give the whole trip a circular route. Culloden Moor is a good site for the dogs, and there is plenty to do during the day. I've stayed here many time, in both my campervans, and both my caravans over the years. It's a good location for breaking the journey from home, and I was last here in August on my way north to Brora.

Packed up and left Morvich around 1030 for the 2hr drive to Culloden. One thing I did notice was that the single track road from Loch Cluanie to Invermoriston had been hugely improved and what was until recently a single track is now almost all a single carraigeway. It makes it a fine drive north.

After unpacking and setting up, I took the dogs to Culloden Moor Forest which has an excellent circular route.

The weather was nice. It was becoming breezy in Morvich, which was forecast, but it was better here and although quite cold, it was bright.


  1. Still looks mighty cold up there. A wee idea for you; why not send a daily snap to BBC Scotland as part of their "weather watchers" effort to collect and use backdrops for online and TV weather forecasts? Some of your photos way outweight those used on Reporting Scotland. Maybe Jackie Bird will like your "stuff" as much as Fiona Walker appears to do ... nudge, nudge, wink, wink.


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