Snow in Kintail

This is night No.105/2018 living in my caravan. This is my second night at Morvich C&MC Site in Kintail.

Awoke around 0630 to a fair amount of snow. Not really that much at road level, but a big dump on the hills which surround the site. The car was covered in hard frozen snow which took a long time to remove.

The hills around the site gave the area a definite Christmas Card feel!

Took the dogs into the forest walk at Inverinate and the views were stunning. Reinforces my belief that Kintail is one of the finest areas in Scotland.

The views across a very calm Loch Duich.

Got stuck in a bit of a traffic jam just outside the site.

After lunch, took the 10 mile drive to Ard Hill, just outside Reraig. It's a nice forest walk which gives a fine view towards Skye.

The route goes round the hill. This is the view east over Kirkton. This is where Kinlochshiel play there Shinty.

And, as ever, Hamish found the most ridiculous stick to carry round the walk.

It was a beautiful day, so decided to continue onto Skye and walk around the forest next to Kyleakin. It has a few stiff climbs, but it gives a fine view of the Skye Bridge.

Last time I was here, this was just a building site. This is the massive feed plant for Marine Harvest, the fish farm people around here.

The forest had also been cleared since I was last here, and has some great views across the hills.

The views down Loch Alsh.

Returned to the site, and later in the afternoon, I walked out to Clachan Duich and into the forest across the road. Took a good 90 mins or so. I took a picture of the site on the way past. Very quiet. The roof of my van is on the right, and at the moment, there are another 5 here.


  1. Nice photos. It seems that type of weather that lends itself to very clear and scenic shots. There is a dusting of snow on the Angus hills, at least those that I can see when on dog walking duties here, but nothing as chilly as in the NW obviously. It seems like the caravan sites are still holding out for the hardy few that can endure the Scottish winter which, just as the rowan trees have been forecasting, could be long and hard. Bring it on.


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