A new addition to the family

Another Eriba has joined my family. Not 'my' family of caravans, but my brother now owns an Eriba.

My brother had been looking out for a suitable Eriba, and we'd both been keeping an eye on the various online sources on a regular basis. I subscribe to an Eriba forum, and I noticed an attractive sounding Puck in the 'For Sale' section. I quite fancied another Puck, but this one looked like the ideal caravan for my brother. He's never towed before, and he hasn't owned a caravan. A Puck would be his ideal starter. I contacted the seller, and arranged to visit to see the van.

So, on Friday, 18th Jan 2019, we set off at 0400 for a planned 6hr drive to Derbyshire to view the van. For winter, the drive was perfect. No hold up's, good weather, and we arrived almost bang on our predicted arrival time.

The van was a cracker. A 2003 Puck 120GT, one owner, always garaged, and virtually unmarked. The bodywork and, more importantly, the chassis were both in great order.

We completed the deal with the two 80 yr old sisters who owned the van, hitched up, and headed home, arriving around 7 hrs later.

Being a Puck, it fitted straight into the garage. That's one advantage of the Puck over my Familia.

Some slight differences I noticed compared to my old Puck 120. Allow wheels, a plastic fairing on the A frame, and grey window surrounds.

Another interesting feature are these bulbous panels on the corners inside. Maybe a means of changing bulbs?

Classic Puck interior.

A nice pale blue finish on the upholstery.

And on the rear, completely different layout of the lamps compared to both my 320GT, and my old Puck 120.

A cracking wee van. Just makes me appreciate how good these late Pucks really are.


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