Entertainment in an Eriba

Probably a bit of 'out of season' indulgence, but it was time to consider my in-van entertainment. I carry a tiny 9" TV in the van, but I do prefer radio and music.

My father is a great fan of radio, and I was brought up in a house full of radios, one in every room. I do really enjoy the immersive experience of radio, and for many years I have taken a Roberts world radio wherever I went in the van. A good FM radio, with dodgy MW and even dodgier 'world radio' SW bands.

When I was in Berwick Upon Tweed last year, I bought a DAB Radio, a Pure branded one which was good but, again, a very modern plasticky affair. I admit it had a good signal strength, but a rather thin, tinny sound. Good enough, but I am a sucker for upgrades!

Browsing possibilities on Amazon, I came across the Roberts Revival RD70. I had one of these years ago, although it was FM/AM only, no DAB. 

This new, modern version had FM, DAB, and also Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth was important as I also carry along a JBL Flip bluetooth speaker which I use for streaming music and the more obscure radio stations from my phone. I enjoy Radio Ulster, for example.

I received the radio today. It is outstanding. The full, woody sound I always like from a radio. Very warm, deep sound.

I love the display. An analogue clock when in standby, and modern DAB station detail when on. The Bluetooth also sounds excellent.

The traditional wooden case, metal grille, and good sturdy weight certainly give this thing a feeling of quality.

This will be doing the touring with me this year.


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