Winter Improvements

This is now January 2019. My last night away in the van was 30th Oct 2018, and since mid November the van has been undercover. not in a building, but covered in a storage cover on my drive.

With the number of days I tour, winter can be a long period of short days, cold weather, and filling my days with jobs and chores around the house.

Early on in this 'out of season' period, I planned to carry out some upgrades which I wouldn't have undertaken in the touring season or little jobs I'd put on the 'back burner' until the van was off road.

I wanted to redesign the interior colours and fabrics. I had seen a lovely scheme on a new 'Airstream' which really impressed me. Leather seats, tartan curtains, and natural cushions was what I was after.

First, I contacted a local upholsterer, chose some fabric, removed the seats and took them to Brechin to be recovered. I have a good sewing machine, so I then bought some fabric, new inserts, and went about making new throw cushions.

The pheasant cushions.

Fake 'timberwolf' fur ones.

Nice floral jobs, with fancy piping on the edges.

Jacobean inspired pair.

I then made new curtains, basing the size on the originals which I removed.

Matching curtain tie backs.

I also fabricated a new, smaller, table and covered it in antique style oilcloth.

Whilst waiting for the return of the seats, I had some other important winter tasks to carry out.

Finally, on the 10th of January, I got the call that the seats were ready. They are superb and exactly as I had imagined they would turn out. The are covered in a marine grade ochre coloured leather vinyl.

It's definitely all coming together now. The small tartan panel above the fridge certainly sets it off.

One of the final jobs now is to replace the carpet with a more complimentary colour, although the green doesn't look to bad. Maybe a red tartan?!


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