This is night No 2/2019 living in my caravan. This is also my second night at Loch Ness Shores CCC Site, in Foyers.

Got up around 0630, which is no surprise! Always an early riser, especially in the van. Got dressed and took the dogs for a quick blast across the river from the site, on a way marked trail which ends at the Foyers 'factory', which is a large building associated with the Hydro scheme.

After a shower and some breakfast, we drove 5 mins along the road to Farigaig Forest.

On the way, probably around a mile from the site is Boleskine House. Made infamous by the carry on of its previous owner, Aleister Crowley (he of the 666 fame), and later by Jimmy Page, it is now a burnt out ruin. It went up in flames in Dec 2015 and now looks like it's lost. A shame really, last time I noticed it, it was a grand place hidden. The current owners were obviously fed up with nosey visitors as the entire building was surrounded by a huge hedge.

We continued, and parked up at Inverfarigaig. This is an excellent dog walking wood with a number of good routes. There was forestry operations ongoing, but the 'red' route was still open.

Some really old, massive trees.

Hamish was in his element.

The route climbs to a great viewpoint looking north up Loch Ness.

This is pretty steep ground. I'm surprised they planted in this area as harvesting will surely be a bit tricky. Boulders the size of cars.

The path descends to a fine little loch.

After lunch, we headed out south this time, towards Fort Augustus. Stopped at the Londis for some groceries, then continued south to Invergarry. A total of around 20miles from the site.

My destination was the Glen Garry Forest just outside the village on the A87 Skye Road. I'm very familiar with this wood, it's my normal dog walking stop if heading to Kintail or beyond.

Another great forest.

The view along the River Garry to the Hydro works.

On the return journey, stopped off at the highpoint of the B862 (a Wades Road). I always stop here to take in the stunning view north towards Whitebridge.

The road runs through Strath Herrick. The views east to the Monadhliath Hills.

The road as it strikes north.

The weather today has, again, been very mild. The car read around 13c and in the light winds and occasional bright spells, it felt very springlike.


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