Loch Ness

This is night No. 4/2019 living in my caravan. This is my 4th night at the Loch Ness Shores CCC Site in Foyers.

Got up to another fine day at just after 0600. It was a good bit colder last night, not quite freezing, but must have been close to it. Took the dogs out a wander on the banks of the Loch before their (and my) breakfast.

As the sun rose, there was a mist, but it was promising to be a fine day. The site is very quiet. On the lower part of the site, as I write, I am the only outfit here.

After breakfast, I fancied a walk up and around the Foyers Hydro Station and through a very old Hazel Wood. This is the old, derelict, bridge upstream from the lower bridge across the river.

Fine views out to the mouth of the river as it enters Loch Ness.

A zoomed shot where I could just make out Urquhart Castle.

The Foyers Power Station.

The banks near the site.

Still some mist up on the hillside at Upper Foyers. The white building was once the Foyers Hotel.

We walked up the wooded hillside, past the old hotel, and crossed a stile into the wood.

Spotted a coastguard helicopter overhead.

The rather fine view to Loch Ness from the wood.

Distant hills further south. Possibly the Munros above Laggan Locks?

It has been a fine day, and the weather has again been unseasonably mild.


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