Winter Over?

I checked my diary, and the winter cover was removed last year on the 20th of Feb, the day I bought the van. I'd collected the van from a storage yard near Aberdeen where it had been undercover for the winter of 2017/2018.

With a good spell of weather over the last few days, and predicted for the next few, I was keen to get the van out for an airing and put the cover away until next year.

I even spotted some snowdrops in Inglismaldie Forest during the afternoon dog walk!

The cover came of very easily, even by myself. It is a 'Specialised Covers' product, and is also very light for packing away. Once removed, the van looked excellent. As clean as it was when I put the cover on 3 months ago, on the 15th of November.

Won't even need a wash.

First time to see the new upholstery in daylight. Looks great, and will be even better when I get the cushions in, and fit a new carpet.

As can be expected, the cabinet hinges were a little stiff, and the pop up roof hinges just needed a little easing into action. Like used to happen with my camper van, the toilet door was a bit tight in the opening, but this should ease as everything warms up and gets a bit more use. I also took the opportunity to lubricate the seals on the toilet cassette, which hadn't seen any action for a few months.

Even got a new cover for the hitch and electrics!

I'm pleasantly surprised by the performance of the cover. The van has been subjected to some real stormy weather, driving rain, snow, and hard frosts. There were no marks, mould or fungus on the van or interior and the water traps I'd put in 3 months ago have collected nothing. Very impressed!


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