Cross Border

This is night No. 7/2019 living in my caravan. It's also my second night at Yellowcraig C&MC Site near North Berwick.

Got up around 0700 to dry but grey weather. Quite mild and very light winds. Took the dogs for a quick walk around the woods at Yellowcraig, then returned for a shower and some breakfast.

Around mid morning, we took a walk down the beach.

A distant Bass Rock.

The Island of Fidra and its lighthouse.

A zoomed shot looking east towards North Berwick and The Law. The whale jaw-bone was visible on the summit.

Later in the morning, I wanted to visit Norham Castle which is virtually right on the English Border. I had read about it recently as this was where Edward I held court whilst arbitrating over the various claims to the Scottish throne. It was described as 'the most dangerous house in England' as it was constantly under attack from the Scots. It's a great looking ruin right on the bank of the Tweed.

I've been in this area before, at the Chain Bridge Honey Farm, but I've never actually crossed the Union Bridge, the 'Chain Bridge'. A fantastic structure, and I surprised that it allowed crossings by vehicle as I'm sure I had read it was closed to traffic?

On the English side, a rather impressive structure provides anchorage to the cables. The bollards exclude anything over 2m wide.

The bollards were severely battered! This is looking across to Scotland.

I took the dogs on a fine riverside walk below the bridge, and when we returned, I headed just up the road to get some honey supplies. As usual, a great selection of Raw Honey.

Crossed back into Scotland.

Looking back at the bridge. Quite a fine piece of engineering.

The Tweed from the bridge.

 This is the bridge from the riverside walk.

I have stayed in the Border area many times, and once I stayed at a farm just outside the village of Reston. I stopped by to walk along the disused railway which I'd walked previously with the dogs.

A really good trip over the Border and back.


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