Reflections on my trip to Yellowcraig.

I'm now back home after a short 3 day trip in my caravan. I stayed all the nights at Yellowcraig near North Berwick.

I've been to Yellowcraig C&MC Site quite a few times, both with my campervan and my caravans. It's a site I like visiting. It's close to an outstanding beach, a good forest, and some longer trails which are all excellent for the dogs. I also took advantage of a club offer where pitch fees are discounted, midweek, by 50%.

The site was quiet and more importantly Yellowcraig Beach was also quiet. This area can be heaving in the summer, particularly at weekends and most evenings when the weather is good. Even though I would rate the area as 'quiet' at the moment, is remains a haven for dog walkers and almost everyone you see or meet is out walking a dog.

The site has recently opened for the season, and there were a fair number of pitches which were taped off to let the grass recover. Even after the layoff, the grass was badly affected in some areas where people had been pitching awnings (with carpets) for too long on the same spot. There were also a lot of rabbit burrows, which must have been keeping the wardens busy. The facilities, as ever, were perfect and spotless.

My van performed faultlessly and I never forgot any kit on this trip either! There were absolutely no defects or breakages and the van was warm and comfortable. Likewise, my car towed great and I had no issues on the road, and no hold ups. Probably took around 2hrs from home to reach the site.

I think the highlight of this trip was my day trip down to Northumberland to visit Norham Castle and the Union Bridge. My lowlight would be hard to identify, but maybe the trip to the Battle of Prestonpans site. That was a huge disappointment, just a shabby, ill thought out monument. And what would I do different? I think I should have done a bit more planning and continued south from here, but there is a whole years touring ahead of me!


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