Around Oban

This is night No. 10/2019 living in my caravan. This is my second night at the Oban C&CC Site near Connel in Argyll.

Last night was the first night in my new van. It was outstanding! Great sleep on a really good mattress, waking at a leisurely 0700. The hot water system in the van (new to me) is also brilliant. Piping hot water on tap, great for doing the dishes.

After my Lemon and Honey, took the dogs for a walk around the adjacent forest. Good chance to have a run around. A really nice river runs through this wood. According to the OS map, I believe its called. Abhainn Teithil. The gorges along this water are remarkable.

I had studied the OS map for this area, and noticed a couple of walks in nearby Glen Creran.
The first walk was Glasdrum Wood NNR. It's along a road which is almost redundant with the bridge near Creagan making this loop of the loch unnecessary.

It's Scotlands version of a temperate Rain Forest.

Not quite sure what this signifies?

Or this either!

The dogs loved it. A good 40 min circular walk, climbing gently up the hillside.

The next walk was further up the Glen at the road end. It was signposted as the Last Clansman Trail. I'd seen these signs before, one at Glen Duror and another near Ballachuilish.

It was also marked as the 'Pine Marten Trail' but I didn't see any.

Then the connection was made...this walk rises to a point where you get a great view of Glen Ure. This was the land of Colin Campbell, or as he was known 'Glenure' who was the victim in the killing of the Red Fox. I've been to the other sites relating to the murder, but never this one. I was really pleased I'd come here. There's nothing like seeing scenes like this 'in the flesh'.

Looking across to the modern settlement of Glenure.

Across the Glen, I could also see a sizeable patch of Caledonian Pine.

Returned to the van for a snack and a cup of tea, then headed for a drive into nearby (14miles) Oban. On the return I stopped at a FC carpark in Benderloch. This was for a walk up Beinn Lora.

It was a right old grunt! Lofty views to a viewpoint overlooking the Firth of Lorn.

Looking down on Benderloch and the distant hills of Morvern and Moidart.

A distant Mull over the Firth of Lorn.

I think these are the hills of Kingairloch beyond the Isle of Lismore.

A small dog looking for a stick!

After returning to the car, I popped into the small caravan shop in Benderloch where I bought a handy set of wheel chocks. Good wee place.

Good days walking for both me and the dogs.


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