Ballachulish to Benderloch

This is night No.11/2019 living in my caravan. It's my third night at the Oban C&CC Site near Benderloch, about 15miles north of Oban.

Got up around 0700 after another great sleep, thanks to the excellent mattress in this van. Took the dogs around the adjacent forest, then after breakfast, we headed north to Gleann a Choalais (Glen Achullish) near Ballachulish.

I've been here before, in fact I'd slept in my camper van in the FC carpark. It's the start of the walk around the 'horseshoe' of Munros at the head of the glen.

The weather was outstanding and the views were incredible.

Looking back at the carpark, which was empty.

The lofty peak of Sgorr Dhonuill.

 Followed the walkers path a good way up the glen.

It was a great walk. Stopped in at the nearby co-op, then headed back to the van for lunch. After lunch, took the dogs up the hill behind the site to the reservoir in the forest. A good walk. The last time I was here the reservoir had been emptied, but it was very much full now.

A rather scary looking 'drain' or sill type arrangement to manage the water level.

A small dog looking for the stick he was carrying 2 mins ago.

Returned to the van, and later in the afternoon I fancied heading back up Beinn Lora in Benderloch, but this time continuing on another higher route than yesterdays.

The views were pretty good.

A pair of posing mutts.

The weather was again fine, and the views across Argyll were stunning.

Gained some more height, looking over the Firth of Lorn.

We grunted ahead and finally reached the high viewpoint. A very nice position above Benderloch to the distant hills of Morvern.

Another good days walking.


  1. Another good blog, Iain. I hope this comment manages to stay this time ... I must have typed 37 different messages, only for them all to fail. Great to read the van is doing so well. Wondered if you had tried the internal shower? Do the dogs sleep on the floor or consider the bed "common property"? Must seem like a mansion after years of using the Puck and 320. So, here's my mandatory local quest; is there any connection between the name of that great Glasgow delicacy, Lorne Sausage, and Argyll's Firth of Lorn? Maybe related to the cattle? Keep safe, Iain.


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