New Van!

I've got another Eriba!

I've been considering a number of changes over the winter regarding my caravan. I've thought of an additional caravan, namely a Puck, a change from my Familia to a Puck L, or even buying a new Eriba, possibly a 320GT to replace the Familia I have.

I regularly monitor a number of dealers sites, Gumtree, and eBay. I've enquired about a few, but my I've never followed them up. Most were either too far away, or after some serious doubting on my part were then considered unsuitable.

It was on a forum and on a Facebook page that I noticed a rather attractive Troll for sale. It was less than 2 years old, and located in Scotland. I'd never even considered a Troll. I imagined them as being to large and 'stretched' for my liking.

I kept an eye on the advert, noticing that the price had been dropped on two occasions, to a price which I started to find quite appealing. I contacted the seller and we agreed on a viewing.

I viewed the van in East Kilbride. It was a stunning example. A 530GT with a fixed bed. One owner, fully serviced, and fitted with every conceivable extra from Hot Water through to Wind Out Awning, extra seating, and even a 3 ring hob.

The only doubt I had was the fixed bed. Could be handy, but could also be the loss of the option of an additional seating area (which I actually don't need!)

I decided to think it over, and asked the seller for a few hours to chew it over. The van was located around 20miles from the only Scottish Eriba dealer, so popped in there to have a look at some new 530GT's with both seating options and get an idea of new prices.

Bit of a 'busy' place with dozens of Eriba's. Most were customer vans, but they did have some new stock.

A good selection of 530GT's and some special editions too.

This is the 'Ocean Drive'. Really nice finishes on this!

I discussed all the options I had with my daughter who'd come along for the trip, and later in the day I agreed to buy the van and we settled on a price.

Paid for it, towed it home, and what a cracker!

In fantastic, as new, condition. All the 'teething' issues such as window seals, lights etc have all been addressed.

Looking forward to a great summer in this machine!


  1. Congratulations on the new Eriba! The 530GT will serve you well I'm sure - we have a 550 GT.


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