Reflections on my Trip to Oban

After returning home today, Saturday 6th April 2019, I'm now looking back to the last 3 days I had staying in my caravan at Oban C&CC Site near Benderloch.

I think there are two stand out realisations I made during this trip. Firstly, I have never really appreciated the beauty and appeal of Argyll before. I think my previous visits with my camper van curtailed my ability to explore and enjoy the area. On this trip I visited many nearby places and done a huge amount of walking. I literally 'walked the legs off' the dogs! The woods, forest, and hill routes I walked were superb.

Secondly, and connected to my first realisation is that I should have bought a good quality caravan years ago. The camper vans I have owned were great fun and probably ideal for Munro Bagging, but the pure comfort and utility value of a caravan is unparalleled. The ability to disconnect the van and go wander in the car is a huge advantage.

The highlights? Probably the walks I took up Glen Creran. There was the NNR at Glasdrum Wood, and then the Last Clansman Trail at the head of the Glen. Simply fantastic places to visit and experience.

Lowlights? Not really any, but I did notice that the standards at the Oban C&CC Site are dropping. Bins removed, meaning you now have a bit of a trek to dump rubbish, and the toilet block had the phoney 'out of order' signs on toilet, wash, and shower cubicles simply to reduce the wardens work despite it being quite busy. This is fairly common these days on C&CC Sites.

What would I do different? The drive. I drove all the way here, and all the way home on one journey. On the outward trip I was delayed by a fallen tree and it took me about 4 hrs, and the homeward leg took about 3.5hrs. Not ideal, and probably too much for the dogs.

Here's some of my favourite pictures from this very good trip.


  1. You never go backwards once you have sampled the luxury of a good caravan. Hope you have many happy years travelling.


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