Around the Solway Coast

This is night No.28/2019 living in my caravan. It's my second night at Fairgirth Farm CL, near Dalbeattie in Dumfries and Galloway.

After the early morning walk around the adjacent woods, breakfast, and an 'al fresco' shower, took the dogs for a walk down to the beach, around 1 mile away along a quiet road.

Looking back at one of the farm houses at Fairgirth.

Along the road, there is a loch which is really well kept.

It's opposite this development at Barend. These chalets look like they've been here a long time and there are a lot of them. Very nice, but I'll bet they were/are timeshare properties.

Some of the attractive flowers on the loch side.

The beach at Sandyhill is very big with fine, golden sand.

I could see a wind farm to the west, and another in the distance to the east, both offshore.

Also a rather rare sight these days, salmon nets.

As I walked along the coastal path, I could see down onto the nets. Strange, but just one net, and it was in use. There were tractor tracks on the beach leading to it.

A hill known as The Torrs on the coastal path.

Looking back at Mersehead Sands.

Through the haze, I could just make out the Isle of Man.

Windblown trees!

On the walk back, I noticed this is big, old, Oak country.

Some huge specimens next to the farm.

After lunch, took the short drive to Hills Wood, between Beeswing and Dumfries. It's a cracking circular walk, much of it on an old rail line.

Walking through one of the old cuttings.

It's fenced off, but the Goldielea Viaduct is a very impressive structure when viewed form the passing road.

Another day of warm, sunny weather and some great walking.


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