Blowplain Farm

This is night No.29/2019 living in my caravan. Now pitched at another farm CL, this time Blowplain Farm near Balmaclellan (never heard of either before!)

Left the excellent Fairgirth Farm at around 1130 for the 40min drive to this next site. Fairgirth Farm was excellent, and I benefited from the outstanding weather we've had over the last few days. Great walking and a great spot for the van.

Blowplain is quite different. The farmer retired, then died a few years ago, and his wife now just runs the 'hobby' side of things. She has a big collection of poultry which runs around and a few sheep.

This CL benefits from a WC and a shower. Quite basic, but it's there if needed. The site itself consists of 5 pitches all around a pond. Not bad at £12 per night.

After pitching up, popped over to New Galloway to walk the dogs, then on the way back stopped in at the great wee shop in Balmaclellan. A nice village.

This is up at the War Memorial.

And as usual, a lot of locals were slaughtered during the Great War.

A fine memorial.

I'm only here for one night, but there is another CL literally 1.3miles up the road from here, so I might stop there. A very basic £5 per night CL with no power though!


  1. For those non campers - what’s a CL?

    1. A certified location. A small site approved by the Caravan Club.

  2. I hope this attempt works ... Balmaclennan is a beautiful wee place. I used to run through it on one of the routes from Parton, where Mungo and Penny farmed. I think it is "famous" for the wooden skittles that were found there from 100s of years ago and showed one of the the games played at that time. They were restored and can be seen in a local museum. It's a gorgeous area.

    1. Yes, it's a fine place with a good shop. The site I'm on is about 2 miles from the village.


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