This is night No.30/2019 living in my caravan. Now pitched at another farm CL in Dumfries and Galloway, at Camling Farm near Penpont.

Thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Blowplain Farm, and I would have stayed longer if a pitch had been available. But, these sites are limited to 5 pitches, and one of them was given to a couple in return for helping out with the ground work and cleaning. These were super fresh eggs, 6 for £1. The owner puts out the fresh laid eggs daily. I had got the last 6 for that day, but there was another couple of dozen the next morning.

An idyllic spot. The building on the right has a small toilet and toilet/shower room.

A couple of fellow campers enjoying the duck pond.

Some of the ducks.

I got up early around 0600 and took the dogs a run along the very quiet surrounding roads, and after breakfast, took a short drive to St Johns Town of Dalry, or as it's known locally, Dalry.

This bridge leading from the town forms part of the Southern Upland Way.

The Water of Ken under the bridge.

The Church of Scotland.

Walked along a fine riverside trail which (if continued) leads to New Galloway. Huge fleeces on the sheep nearby.

Looking back to Dalry.

This shop gave us a huge lift when walking the SUW.

As did this pub!

Left Blowplain Farm around 1115 for the 30min drive to Penpont. Arrived just before lunch, pitched up and took the dogs a walk along the river running next to the site.

Scaur Water. Interesting rock features.

There was nobody here when I arrived. Popped up to the farmhouse and paid my £5, then visited the store they run, a Harbro Country Store, and topped up on dog food and treats.

It started to rain around 1330 and is set to be wet until tomorrow afternoon. Can't complain as it's the first rain I've seen since setting off.


  1. At last, it seems my comments are getting posted. A Google miracle. The names all bring back great memories for me of visiting that area regularly when Helen was a toddler. Completely underestimated and overlooked part of Scotland; and long may that continue! You're managing to avoid the deluges here. Soaked again and again. One recommendation for you; there is a local ice-cream place, Cream of Galloway, that, at least 15-20years ago, produced an ice-cream that left Mackies standing. Safe travels.


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