Culbokie and Garve

This is night No.18/2019 living in my caravan. It's my 3rd night at Dingwall C&CC Site, in the town of Dingwall.

It was day of new walks today, forests or walks I had never been to before. They were, again like yesterday, absolutely excellent.

Took the dogs for a run around the adjacent canal first thing, then after breakfast we took the short drive over to the Black Isle to the village of Culbokie. There's a fine community woodland there which offered some great dog walking.

Right in the centre of the forest is Culbokie Loch. A bit overgrown these days, but pictures I looked at online showed this as being a popular spot for 'boating'.

After the walk, headed back into Dingwall to pick up some supplies at the Lidl in the town.

Later in the afternoon, I followed my Forestry Commission guide, heading to a brilliant riverside walk between two ancient bridges.

Started from a small picnic area near Little Garve and this cracking 'Wade' bridge over the Black Water. It is referred to as 'Wade' but it was actually constructed by his successor, Major Caufield.

An absolutely stunning view up the river.

Looking south towards Garve.

Followed a path upstream, then under the main A835, the Ullapool road, onto the opposite bank.

The second bridge, Silverbridge, which we crossed, passed under the A835 again, and continued on the west bank of the river.

Looking up the river with Ben Wyvis above.

Very scenic, picture postcard type place.

Returning to the start point. Probably took just over an hour but a fantastic walk.

Later, took a walk down past the canal next to the site. The contrast when the tide is in is incredible.

No longer a muddy, silted up channel.


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