This is night No.16/2019 living in my caravan. I'm now at Dingwall C&CC Site in the town of Dingwall.

After much deliberation (with myself!), I decided against heading over to the Hebrides and instead headed east and a bit north to Dingwall. I've been here before, an urban site, but a great place to spend a few days. It is a fantastic base to tour the area.

Got up early to a fairly grey start. After an early walk near the site, had breakfast then took the dogs back up into Ratagan Forest for a good run around. On the way back, we got soaked! Not forecast, but there were very heavy showers of rain and hail passing through.

The weather improved later in the morning as we headed through Glen Shiel.

Stopped near Torgoyle in Glen Moriston to make a quick coffee and let the dogs run around the forest.

A nice big gravel patch where I turned the van, just off the main road.

Arrived a bit early (1230) at Dingwall, so took the dogs a walk round adjoining Victoria Park. Ross County U18's were just about to kick off against Partick Thistle U18's. That's dedication, travelling from Glasgow to here for a game of football.

A canal runs right next to the site out to the firth. It's a Telford construction, but Telford has warned that it would silt up and prove useless, and he was right.

Good for a dog walk though.

The home of the 'Stages', RCFC.

Got pitched up. The site felt quiet, and it's a good site with excellent facilities.

The sun even came out and it got rather pleasant.

I was keen to get the dogs a good walk in the afternoon, so we headed the short drive to Strathpeffer, the Spa town. Stumbled across a forest walk to the 'Touchstone Maze' which was new to me.

Nothing ancient though, it was built in '94.

Still, could have passed for a lot older. Not much os a maze though. I'm a 'Broons' maze man, where a bloke on a step ladder has to direct you out after closing time!

Good long walk though, through some cleared forest.

Looking down on Strathpeffer.

The Broom was out in full glory. Lovely coconut scent, not joking, it was like walking through a giant Chicken Korma!! Lovely!.

One thing I did notice though was how quiet this area is compared to the West. Strathpeffer still felt 'out of season' and the big Spa centre and gift shops in the square weren't open and there was hardly anyone around. Dingwall, similarly, was really quiet. Compared with the pandemonium on the other coast, even now as I witnessed, it was dead. Just goes to show, this competition for the tourist pound has both winners, and losers.


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