Fairgirth Farm CL

This is night No 27/2019 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Fairgirth Farm CL, near Dalbeattie in Dumfries & Galloway.

I have no phone signal, so this is just a short post, as I sit in the Dalbeattie Wood car park!

Got up right late (!) AT 0630, and took the dogs along the riverside in Moffat. After breakfast, we headed for the short drive to Earshaig Lochans. What a cracking day for a walk.

A pair of geese having a paddle.

Very pretty.

Another one of the lochans.

Just a cracking start to the day, hardly a cloud in the sky.

Even spotted some Bull Rush.

The water was teeming with tad poles.

Haven't a clue what this small flower is, but looked nice.

Left Moffat around 1030 for the 1 hr drive to Fairgirth. An idyllic spot with great views.

Took the dogs into the woods next door, looking back at the farm.

A great dog walking wood 2 mins from the van.

And from the high spot in the wood, I could see the Solway Firth.

After returning to the van, got the setting up finished then headed around 7 miles down and along the coast to Dalbeattie to walk the town woods. The weather is stunning.

The pond in the wood.

The weather was stunning today.


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