This is night No. 23/2019 living in my caravan. Now pitched at the Speyside C&CC Site near Archiestown in Speyside.

It was a 'moving day' today. 'The Bungalow' CL was excellent. Great site and great value for money. Run by a really nice lady, and the facilities were perfect for a CL.

Started the day really early, around 0530! The weather was lovely though, and I took the dogs round the adjacent woods. A fine morning.

After breakfast, I took the dogs the short 4 mile drive to Garmouth for a nice walk across the Spey to Spey Bay. It's an old rail line, tarred over for pedestrians and cyclists. At the carpark is this incredible Bike Repair Station. Had loads of tools on cables, a stand, and an air pump! Fantastic!!

The weather was stunning as I headed along the old line.

Crossed the Spey by the absolutely stunning old viaduct, The Spey Viaduct.

Great views up the Spey.

Very impressive structure.

A better view from the Spey Bay side.

It is a great walk, and I'll definitely be returning here. A good stretch was on The Speyside Way, a long distance trail, and it was very well looked after. Bumped into a few runners, dog walkers, and cyclists.

Returned to the van, got packed up, and prepared for the ridiculously short 25min drive to my next stop! Been here before, but never in a caravan. I'm looking forward to exploring the area.

The weather was just stunning for May.

Incidentally, I stopped in a lay-by to waste 10mins on the way to the site. On the roadside bin was a carrier bag containing three pretty good books, a Brewdog Bible, the David Jason Biography, and a book about Navy Seals capturing Osama Bin Laden!

Even got a chance to put the canopy out in this fine weather.

Went for a quick trip into Charlestown of Aberlour and visited the incredible Craigellachie Bridge, a Thomas Telford creation.


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