This is night No.22/2019 living in my caravan. It's also my second night at 'The Bungalow', a CL near Urquhart, around 5 miles from Elgin.

I was absolutely whacked last night. Must have been all the walks catching up (!), and I was in bed at about 8pm! Slept like a log, and got up quite late at around 0645. Thats thing thing about CL's, if you know there's no crowds heading for a toilet block in the morning, you definitely relax a bit more.

Took the dogs around the woods over the road from the site. Looking back, The Bungalow is bit 'agricultural'. I think who ever lives here has never thrown away or got rid of anything mechanical in the last 40yrs. Caravans, tractors, implements, old cars, the whole shebang!

Takes a bit longer to get ready at a CL, as everything onboard has to be used and cleaned up, so we eventually got out around 0830. I wanted to go and walk round nearby Loch na Bo.

A bit of a rough and unsigned track took us to a small carpark and information board. A great way marked route takes you through this fantastic dense, and very quiet, forest.

The loch itself its very picturesque with a big old house on it's banks.

A spaniel interested in a swan.

There are a number of shelters around the route. Non have been damaged, just graffiti'd a bit!

The lane to the house with it's huge Monkey Puzzle tree.

Passed a number of small lochans on the return leg.

Definitely worth the effort to get here. What a brilliant circular walk.

After lunch, quite fancied a coastal wander. We headed for the short drive to Garmouth, a village on the Moray Firth. This area gets the best weather in Scotland and I have to admit, it felt very summery!

From the centre of the village we followed a path which forms part of the Moray Coastal Trail. Takes you past the remains of what was once a ring of Standing Stones.

And the old water tower.

There was an observation aid, but most of the distant points were obscured by the water tower!

We continued into the village of Kingston (never heard of it before) which is immediately across the Spey from Spey Bay. Again, a lovely little place.

It was once known for shipbuilding, the timber for the builds being floated down the River Spey from the forests of Glenmore. That's about 65 miles away!

Had a great sand and stoney beach.

One happy mutt on the beach.


The way marker I followed back to the car at Garmouth.

A great path along what is known as 'The Steppies'. Very north east.

This is Garmouth High Street.

Headed from here into Buckie for some messages, then stopped on the return drive for a good walk round 'Deer Park' between Buckie and Fochabers.

The weather was lovely today, and I can feel a rise in the temperature. The forecast for the foreseeable future also looks excellent.

Again, another day of great walking in places I'd never encountered before.


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