Around Foulden

This is night No.37/2019 living in my caravan. It's my second night at Foulden Hagg CL, near Berwick Upon Tweed.

Huge improvement in the weather today. Woke up to quite a nice day, and the day improved by lunchtime, however there were some light showers later in the afternoon.

As my car is waiting repairs, it was a day of walking. Firstly, from the site we headed along towards Kirkbanny, a nearby settlement of a few houses.

The roads are dead.

From 'Lane End Cottage' we took a way marked route along the edge of a field, then round a field of peas into the village of Foulden.

This is an area of massive arable farms.

The first thing I met was the Foulden Tithe Barn, an ancient structure used in the past where parishioners were expected to donate a portion of there harvest to the minister.

The rather impressive manse.

The view from the churchyard of the Tithe Barn.

And inside the rather fine Foulden and Mordington Parish Church.

It certainly is a fine structure.

Walked along the road into the small village of Foulden.

It was a purpose designed estate village, and an information board detailed the original purpose of each building or cottage, e.g. Roadmans House, Primary School etc. They are like ornamental 'Lilliput Lane' houses.

From the viewpoint, I think this is nearby Chirnside.

Returned to the van, and after some lunch we headed in the opposite direction along a path known as the Edingtonhill Lane. A bit overgrown, but tremendous spaniel interest territory.

Good to see the Foxgloves out too.

The farm is on an elevated site overlooking the Border area, and this hill in the distance is The Cheviot.

Really enjoying this CL, and in a way, quite happy to be grounded here!


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