Berwick Upon Tweed

This is night No.39/2019 living in my caravan. It's also the 4th night we've been at the Foulden Hagg Farm CL near Berwick Upon Tweed.

This was the big day! My car was booked in to finally be repaired and allow us to continue on our travels. Got up to another fine day, and I walked the dogs around the field adjacent to the site.

Dropped the car at 0830 sharp as agreed, and headed off towards the coast to spend a few hours walking whilst the car was being sorted. Some fine geological features just offshore.

Continued along the coastal path into Berwick. It is a stunningly well kept place, this side of the Tweed.

Walked along the ramparts which are very well preserved.

The 3 bridges.

I think this is the older bridge and is now one way, and weight restricted.

Followed the riverside path to the remains of the White Wall, an ancient wall built after Berwick was seized from the Scots.

This staircase was known as 'Breakneck Stairs' up the steep hillside.

Got the call at around 1130 that the car was ready. Collected it, paid the bill (which wasn't too bad), and headed back to the farm. I'm really enjoying these CL's but I'm fast running out of clean clothes. A bit of research, and turns out nearby Eyemouth Harbour has a coin operated laundry within the Harbour Masters Offices. Result! Washing done, dogs walked during the wash and dry cycles, and the clothes all cleaned.

Eyemouth Harbour.

A grassy walk along the coast above the harbour.

The rocky coastline just south of the harbour.

Last day here at Foulden Hagg. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I will definitely return.


  1. You haven't spotted any memorials to the birth of big Hamish yet? Good to read that you've had a decent wash and the risk of complaints of smelly Scottish tourists has been averted. You made me consider whether (you'll remember the TV reports a few years ago) Berwick ever did get around to agreeing peace with France some 300 years after the rest of Britain. I must ask Dr Google.


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