Foulden and Chirnside

This is night No.38/2019 living in my caravan. This is my 3rd night at Foulden Hagg CL, near Berwick Upon Tweed.

Woke to a fine day. It had been showery last night, but as forecast, the sun came out. Took the dogs for a run around the fields before breakfast.

After a shower (!), I decided that I'd get some odds and ends at Chirnside, a village around 3 miles away which has a co-op. The route takes me through farms, woods, fields, and a bit of road walking.

On the way, you really notice some of the fantastic specimens of trees.

The track as it approaches Edingtonhill.

Clouds were bubbling up, but it was quite warm.

Parts of the track are a tad overgrown, but great for spaniels.

Reached Chirnside in around 90 mins. Took a picture of an old 2CV in a garage. Becoming a real rarity!

Got some shopping, then noticed on the bus stop that a bus would be hear in 10mins which went past Foulden, so that was the plan.

A Jim Clark Memorial. Didn't know he was a farmer here, I thought it was Duns? Edington Mains is about a mile from where I am.

Interesting monument.

The bus arrived bang on time, the driver had no problem with the dogs, and we enjoyed the 15min journey back to the village. From here, I walked along some fields back to Foulden Hagg Farm.

Noticed an unfortunate mole on the road.

Later in the afternoon, took an excellent circular route along some old tracks around an area known as Westmains Moor.

Just a stunning landscape.

In these parts, farm lanes, hedgerows, and shrubbery is all retained. Makes for some great walking.

A blast for the dogs too.

Some fine trees on the horizon.

Fingers crossed, the car gets repaired tomorrow morning, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the travelling by foot around here!


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